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Making God Laugh by Sean Grennan
Directed by Leta Aldous
Auditions will be Sat-Sun, Mar 4th and 5th from 5-7 pm
Character Descriptions 
Here are character descriptions to give you an idea what we're looking for. Keep in mind that because all of the characters age thirty years over the course of the play, there is a wider range of actors' ages that will fit the roles, especially for the children. In general, the parents age from about 50 to 80 by the end, and the children from 20s to 50s.
Cast of Characters
RUTHIE, the matriarch of the family. She starts the play in her late forties or early fifties and ages thirty years as does everyone. She's bossy, authoritative, means well but tries to steer the world more than is humanly possible. She needles each of her children and even her husband, Bill, to an extent but at bottom, way down there, truly loves them all.
BILL, our patriarch. He loves everyone and is a go-with-the-flow sort. Easygoing, wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings, desperately in love with his kids and wife. Being the dad of these people and Ruthie's husband is his life's work and he's successful at it. He lives a little in fear of Ruthie but the worm turns when it must.
RICHARD, eldest son. Mid-to-late twenties as we start. He wants to conquer the world and is always looking for ways to do that. Not a plugger, more of an entrepreneur. He buys the latest everything and dresses "up to the second" stylish. He's a good guy but has perhaps seen too many movies of how men behave rather than behaving as he would. A one-time football hero, he misses that kind of spotlight.
MADDIE, second child. Mid-twenties at the top. She's an aspiring actress. A strong-willed person who loves her family. She's closest to Thomas and the two of them have a long-standing habit of picking on their big brother as a team. It's good-natured except when it's not. Of all the kids, she's the only one to have moved away from her hometown. She lives in New York and struggles with the artist's life as well as her life-life. She and her mother have a difficult relationship.
THOMAS, son two, the baby of the family and the "good" son. A nice, even-tempered guy, in the style of his father, who thought his life was on a plan. A devoutly religious man studying for the priesthood at the beginning he's nonetheless funny, warm, and not at all rigid in his approach to life. He means very well but like everyone has his life turn out differently than he planned.

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